“Chat with an Astronomer”, Alba Vega Alonso Tetilla

Women and Astronomy Commissions

On 7th March 2023 Alba Vega Alonso Tetilla, a BiD4BESt Early-Stage researcher from the University of Southampton (UK), was part of the team of 64 Spanish astrophysicists or working in Spain who, for 10 hours, were available to chat about their research, their experience as women scientists, their research careers or general astronomy topics. This activity was organised by the Women and Astronomy Commission of the Spanish Astronomy Society using the Tawk.to platform.

The main objective of “Chat with an Astronomer” is to bring current science closer to the community through its female protagonists, thus giving visibility to its presence and relevance. “Chat with an Astronomer” is a unique outreach activity as it provides a direct and private platform for conversation between professional astrophysicists and the public. Such a great opportunity for women and society to involve themselves in this exciting sphere of science.

Out of curiosity figures for the February 2022 session showed that “Chat with an Astronomer” were involved in more than 350 chats with over 120 hours of conversation!

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