The BiD4BEST Innovative Training Network’s principal investigators are leading experts in the field of AGN/galaxy co-evolution with strong and highly cited publication records and extensive experience in the supervision of young researchers at various career stages: master, PhD and postdoctoral.

Coming from across the world our thirteen early stage researchers bring to the project a passion for AGN physics, machine learning and understanding more about the evolution of black holes.

Commercial experience is incorporated into the training and research activities of BiD4BEST with companies from the data science sector. The network’s partner organisations includes multinationals with large data-science departments to smaller entrepreneurship/data-science start-ups founded by physics and astronomy PhD graduates with strong research experience. While these companies may not directly participate in the astrophysical research, they will provide our young researchers with crucial training in smart-data technologies and cutting-edge data science analytics.

Toni Couvoussis, Project Manager