Universe 2021 Webinar – 18 November

Probing Structure, Morphology and Dynamics of Galaxies

BiD4BESt’s Professor Francesco Shankar will be speaking on 18 November at 1510 CET in the 4th Webinar of the 2021 Universe series. The title of his talk is Dissecting the Formation of Bulges and Spheroids With State-Of-The-Art Semi-empirical Models where Professor Shankar will be presenting a newly-developed DiscREte  stAtistical seMi-empirical model (DREAM) which by simply relying on a single input, a data-driven stellar mass–halo mass (SMHM) relation, can predict many of the core properties of galaxies, namely galaxy star formation  histories, merger histories, morphologies, and satellites abundances.

To find out more about Professor Shankar’s talk and the rest of the webinar, visit the sciforum website.

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